First threshold to classify “good” and “bad” roads

After visualizing the sensor data of a 25 time frame (from our first test drive) which contained both, good and bad quality roads we decided that the road quality can be extracted by only using the “z-acceleration” – at least for a first threshold to classify between two simple qualities: “good/okay” and “(really) bad”.

(The green section in the first chart marks a good quality road, the blue sections a “normal” quality road and the red section a “(really) bad” quality road.)

For references: charts for gyroscope and rotation data:



Finding a first threshold

Then we combined our road quality notes of the first test drive with the “Z-acceleration” data of the whole test drive and decided to use 1.4 as a threshold to differentiate between regular quality and “pothole measurements”:

21:49 “bad road”

20:52 “really bad road”

21:05 “quite good road”

21:23 & 21:25 “really bad road”